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Phosphoinositide Signalling Alterations in Cancer 


Our scientific interests include investigations of consequences of perturbations in the oncogenic PI3-kinase pathway and general phosphoinositide signalling for cancer. Ongoing projects focus on genetic alterations and molecular mechanisms that underlie the pathogenesis of human leukemias, with the aim of identifying potential targets and novel strategies for therapy.



Investigating microRNAs in Cancer Progression Therapy Response


We are studying perturbation of miRNA and the networks they control in the context of cancer progression and chemoresistance. For this we have developed innovative tools, cell models and novel bioinformatic approaches. Moreover, we have established key clinical collaborations which permit access to primary patient samples for rapid validation of our discoveries, and likewise, rapid clinical translation of clinically relevant findings.









Finally we have a keen and ongoing interest in the generation of innovative genetically modified mouse models. The design of such models is aimed to elucidate and faithfully model the genomic alterations leading to disease and cancer for the purpose of preclinical studies. 



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